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Rick & Nona



Hobbies: Playing guitar, bass, recording studio, fishing
Favorite Foods: Tater Tot Casserole, Nona's Italian Beef
Favorite Gospel Group: Kingsmen Quartet, Dove Brothers, (old) Statesmen Quartet, Dixie Echoes, Isaacs, Crabb Family......

Hobbies: Collecting porcelin dolls, reading, singing, fishing
Favorite Foods: Pizza, green beans
Favorite Gospel Group: Melton Family Singers, Cathedrals
Rick and Nona Carroll
    Nona and I were married on November 20, 2005, and live in Galesburg, Illinois.  As with everyone, we have gone through many trials but God has been with us all the way. Nona's daddy passed away, my mom has been through many surgeries which were serious at times, and I have had back surgery. In December, 2009, I was diagnosed with a benign tumor on my audio nerve.  Surgery, which we were told could result from hearing loss to facial paralysis, was a success.  The hearing test after surgery proved better than any results they had previously seen.  I am still experiencing some difficulty with mid range hearing and a balance problem but we know God has taken care of those situations, too!  Without the help of our good Lord, I don't know how we would have made it through. He DOES and IS everything we sing about and is definitely all we need.
     We are both retired now. I worked for 32 years at Gates Rubber Co. and Nona worked at Heartland Bank and Trust after working many years with Monge Property Management in Pekin, IL. Nona takes care of the financial end of Joyful Noyz which keeps her quite busy.  She finally finished school in 2010 receiving a Bachelor of Theology degree from Life Christian University.  God has blessed us with a full recording studio in our home which allows me to do all the recording and mastering not only for our projects but for other individual vocalists and groups, which keeps me plenty occupied.  With our "still On The Road For Jesus" project, we were blessed with the tracks being done by our own studio musicians.  We are now working on our next CD which will be released sometime in 2012.  
     We have one son Sean, his wife Robin and two wonderful grandkids, Nathan and Bethany who live in East Peoria, Illinois.  Nathan was born in February, 1999 and Bethany in December, 2000. Our grandkids are the light of our lives and love it when they get to come to Nanny & Papa's house for a few days!  Nathan is involved with the Penguin Project in East Peoria having performed in "Beauty & The Beast", "Fiddler On The Roof", "High School Musical 2" and "Thoroughly Modern Millie, Jr.".   Bethany likes dance, having performed with her dance classes at the Peoria Civic Center and is now learning to play the drums.  Who knows, maybe one day she will be one of our own studio musicians!    
     Nona and I attend the First Church of God in Galesburg and are both active in the praise teams and orchestra. Nona assists the Pastor in many functions.  She teaches the College & Careers Sunday School Class and fills in for the Pastor, as needed, teaching the Wednesday Night Bible Study. Nona and I got together in a strange but Godly willed way. Ask us about it sometime. It's quite a story.
     The journey we are on with Joyful Noyz is so rewarding and yet has its trials. Continue to pray for our ministry as we take it to the lost and plant as many seeds as we can. We love you all.


Chuck & Lanni


Hobbies: Singing, fishing, riding my motorcycle, and being with my family
Favorite Foods: Tacos, meat and potatoes, or anything Lanni cooks
Favorite Gospel Group: Dove Brothers, Crabb Family, and all those who love the Lord and sing His praises.


Hobbies: tole painting, floral arranging, cross-stitch, crochet, crossword puzzles, riding the motorcycle with my husband.
Favorite Foods: Philly Steak sandwiches, pizza, pasta and salads
Favorite Gospel Group: I really don't have a favorite group. I listen to all different kinds of Christian music. Southern gospel is my favorite. The words and music speak to my heart.
 Chuck and Lanni Hillery
     Lanni and I were married on September 11, 1999. We live in Knoxville, Illinois. Our marriage has been a god send. We have put together two families. At times it has been tough blending the two families together but when God is in the center of your lives, all things are possible.
    I am currently employed as the Transportation Director for Knoxville School District. I have worked as an Auto Technician for 34 years. I enjoy working on automobiles; it allows me to use the gifts God has given me. Lanni is employed as the Church secretary for First Church of God in Galesburg, Illinois.
     I handle booking the dates for Joyful Noyz, and send out our promo information. Lanni handles the secretarial duties for the group. We both love singing with Joyful Noyz. It gives us the opportunity to lift our voices in praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
     We have six children, two daughters, and four sons. Four of our children are married. Tory and his wife, Sharon live in East Peoria, Illinois. Kristin and her husband, Jeremy live in Galesburg, IL. Ryan and his wife, Kaleena live in Galesburg, Illinois. Jennifer and her husband, Brad, live in Peoria Heights, Illinois. Tyler lives in Knoxville, Illinois. Kody is in the Marines stationed in Virginia. We are now the proud grandparents of five beautiful grandchildren who are the treasures of our lives.   Tory and Sharon have three boys, Caleb who is 5, Joey who is 3 and Michael, 3 months. Kiera, the daughter of Kristin and Jeremy is now 4 years old.  Keeaira, the daughter of Ryan and Kaleena, is also 3 years old and they have a son, Aiden, 1.  And finally, Jennifer and Brad have a daughter, Bailey, who is 4. In addition, Kristin and Jennifer are both expecting in July, 2012. 
     Lanni and I attend church at the First Church of God in Galesburg and are active in the praise teams, Sunday school and committees within the church.
     It never ceases to amaze us the places God will send us if we are open and willing vessels. I could not imagine the blessings we would miss if we were not willing to travel the journey He has sent us on. We covet your prayers daily for Joyful Noyz. We look forward to seeing you here, there, or in the air. God bless you all.